Choquequirao is located 3,085 meters above sea level, in the Vilcabamba Valley. It is located in the jungle center, which is the transition from the Andean valleys to the jungle. Life in this area belongs to those given in dry, montane and sub-tropical forests. The confluence of these environmental variations makes it an important attraction for visitors to observe various expressions of the fauna and flora of the place such as the spectacled bear, the condor, colorful butterflies and birds such as the trogón – bird similar to the quetzal.




  • Sleeping bag (If you don’t have one, rent one at the office)
  • Warm clothes for the first day
  • Light clothes, four pairs of socks
  • Good shoes or boots
  • Lantern
  • Water bottle
  • Photo camera or video camera (Optional)
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen, caps or hats, mosquito repellent
  • Purifying pills


  • Starting Point: Cusco
  • End Point: Cusco
  • Occupations: Archaeological, Cultural, Ecological, Camping and Hiking.


All buses coming from the Inca Trail leave the passengers in the Plaza San Francisco.

NOTE: During the walk you should carry the sleeping bag, mats and your personal belongings (eg backpack).

  • We’ll leave Cusco at 4:00 am in the morning until we reach the Limatambo town(3100 m.s.n.m), the trip will last approximately 4 hours.
  • From Cachora we will begin the walk, along a gentle slope path, along the path we will observe the snowy Padrayoc (5,482 m) and Wayna Cachora, halfway through the day we will have a rest at the Capuliyoc pass from which we will have a Panoramic view of the Apurimac Valley.

Then we descend appreciating the beautiful landscape of warm weather until we reach Chiquisqa (1930 m.s.n.m) here we will have our first camp (Lunch and Dinner).



In the morning very early we will continue the walk towards the Rosalinda Beach (1550 m.a.s.l.).

Then we will climb a slope towards Santa Rosa, in this place we will take Lunch.

Later, we ascend to Maranpata (2850 m.s.n.m), a smoother ascent, during this journey we will be able to observe all the way of the first day and the vegetation that exists in this place.

Then we will cross a straight section towards Sunchupata. From this place we have 1 more hour to reach the Choquequirao Archaeological Complex.


Very early, after breakfast we’ll head to Choquequira Archaeological Center to appreciate the sunrise.

We will visit the citadel for three hours always accompanied by our guide who will rightly explain about this important Inca refuge and the importance of the Apurimac River and Rio Blanco, so we can also appreciate the Vilcabamba Mountain Range.

After the guided tour, we’ll start the return to Sunchupata and descend to Santa Rosa, then descend to Rosalina Beach, then we will go to the town of Chiquisqa, here we will camp (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner).



After breakfast in Chiquisqa (06:00 hrs) we will return along the same path until we reach the Capuliyoc pass.

We will continue 2 more hours to Cachora, this hike doesn’t require much effort; and from here it is two more hours to the town of Cachora this is a much smoother stretch and we will be arriving approximately 12:00 hrs.

On the way we will appreciate the exotic flora and fauna of the place, as well as views of imposing snowfalls and the impressive Apurimac Canyon.

Finally, we’ll return to the town of Cachora, where our return transport to Cusco awaits us.

End of our services.


Pick up from the Hotel, Transportation to Cachora

Professional Guide (English / Spanish) throughout the tour

03 Breakfasts

03 Lunches

03 Dinners

Camp Equipment

Enter Choquequirao

Horses (Carrying Tents, Food, Cooking Equipment)

Transport Cusco-Cachora-Cusco


X Sleeping Bag

X First Breakfast

X Last Lunch


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